Feel overwhelmed with information?

Not sure where to turn for natural, effective advice you can trust? 

You are not alone!


As a registered dietitian I have helped hundreds of women find answers, support, and guidance in healing symptoms related to hormones, digestion, and inflammation.


I want to start by saying this course does not provide a strict diet, supplement regimen, or exercise plan that you need to follow.  There is no quick-fix, "one-size-fits all" answer

Why not? Because WE are not one-size-fits all...


You are unique. While we can share the same diagnosis and symptoms with one another, you differ from the woman next to you in the how these issues came about and why they developed. This is why so many diets, supplements, and medications have not worked in the past.

This course is perfect for you, if...

  • You feel hormones are contributing to your symptoms (anxiety, depression, headaches, bloating, cravings, constipation, hair growth,etc.)

  • You want to understand your body and how hormones play a role in your life

  • Your menstrual cycles are irregular and/or have heavy, painful periods.

  • You have been on birth control, or you are currently taking birth control.

  • You have a diagnosed hormone condition like PCOS, hypothyroid, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility

I created the Complete Hormone Health Course to provide you with the education and tools to become an expert of your body. During the 8 weeks of learning you will get step-by-step recommendations based on what symptoms you are experiencing.


Learn the most effective nutrition and lifestyle techniques to...

  • Eat the right foods and macros for your weight goals

  • Heal the gut and improve digestion

  • Normalize your period and menstrual cycle

  • Lower testosterone and insulin naturally

  • Balance estrogen and increase progesterone

  • Increase energy throughout the day and sleep better at night

  • Practice self-love and start feeling confident and comfortable in your body!

  • And so much more!

No longer endlessly search the internet for a quick fix to your symptoms.

Create a positive, comfortable relationship with your body and food. 



This course will provide you with a solid understanding of what hormones are and how they function in the body. Throughout this course you will learn how common symptoms and conditions are caused by hormone imbalances. You will learn natural ways to heal and support hormone balance in the body.

  • 8 weeks of lessons and materials led by Registered Dietitian and nutrition expert: Liz Riesen, RD
    (scroll down for the full course outline)


  • Accountability through weekly lessons and worksheets to keep you on track and successful!​

  • Resources including practitioner recommended nutrition supplements and functional nutrition tests.

  • Invitation to a private Facebook community to ask questions, share challenges, support for one another, recipes, and helpful tips!

Amy K

My doctor recommended Liz, as I was frustrated with recent weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, bloating etc.  Liz addressed my symptoms and formulated a plan that included various dietary changes and supplements to replenish vital nutrients. I could not be happier with my results and will continue to follow her strategies in the future.

Megan S

Within weeks I was truly starting to feel better. I didn't have a stomach ache after meals, my mind was clear and focused throughout the day, my anxiety began to subside, and my sex drive was finally making a comeback. I never would have thought that when your gut and hormones are not in balance it can lead to so much more! 

Melissa M

Liz is incredibly knowledgeable and has dug into my health to help me find the all-natural healing remedies my body needs. Knowing I have her support and knowledge on this journey made what seemed like an impossible journey possible.


  1. Introduction to Hormones – Learn the major hormones involved in the menstrual cycle, metabolism, mood, stress, sleep, and more. Understand how these hormones are produced and interact with one another.

  2. The Menstrual Cycle – Finally understand how your hormones are fluctuating constantly throughout your monthly menstrual cycle. Even if you are not ovulating or on birth control, you should still have an understanding of how your body is supposed to be producing hormones.

  3. Birth Control – We’re all familiar with it and likely have been prescribed birth control presently or in the past. Gain a full understanding of what birth control is and how it interacts with the body’s natural production of hormones. Learn the different types and how do they differ in their effect on the body.

  4. Hormone Imbalance, What Causes It? – Understand what hormone imbalance is and how it can occur. Learn about the genetic, environmental, diet, and lifestyle exposures that can trigger low and high levels of hormones in the body. Learn strategies to overcome hormone imbalances through testing, nutrition, lifestyle, and therapeutics.

  5. The Gut - Hormone Connection – Nothing is more closely tied to hormone production and balance than the gut. Hormones are affected by digestion and absorption of nutrients. Hormones are also affected by the gut microbiome, our bacteria in the colon. Learn how you can keep your hormones and gut healthy!

  6. Relationship Between Stress and Hormones – Stress is involved in hormone production constantly throughout the day. Your natural cortisol levels fluctuate every day, so understanding how stress affects the other hormones in the body. Learn tips in managing stress and maintaining a healthy balance in the body, also known as homeostasis.

  7. Common Conditions Linked with Hormone Imbalance – Understand how hormone imbalance increases risk of common inflammatory conditions including PCOS, Hypothyroid, Autoimmune, and Infertility. Learn what you can do to naturally manage and monitor these conditions.

  8. Identifying Hormone Imbalances in Your Body – Now that you have a solid understanding of your hormones and how they interact with each other, learn the tools to help you identify potential hormone imbalances in the body. Learn holistic and therapeutic interventions you can do to help naturally balance hormones.



  • Bonus Lesson! Putting it All Together! Create your long-term plan for maintaining  healthy, balanced hormones.

  • Clean Up Your Personal Care Products - Top product recommendations for everything from shampoos to face wash, makeup, and lotions

  • Meal Planner Guide and Recipes – Simple guide on how to prepare food in advance of the week to keep healthy, easy meals with limited time or energy

  • Hormone Tracking Guide – Learn how to start tracking your cycle and symptoms related to hormones including diet, activity, sleep, stress, and more.

Hi I'm Liz! Registered dietitian and instructor for this course. This course will guide you through 8 weeks filled with education, resources, and tips that you can implement right away.
I left nothing out of this course. My goal was to give you all my knowledge and expertise regarding nutrition, hormones, and health. I also include the most effective methods I have used in my practice to balance the mind and body. 
This course will keep you accountable, challenged, and motivated to participate in your personal health plan. Take control of your hormones, health, and happiness!

Liz, RD