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Join a Fun, Supportive Learning Community!

Balance Hormones & Lose Weight While Building a Positive Relationship with Your Body and Food!

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Sick of jumping around, trying every new diet you hear about, but not really ever knowing why or what will work for you and your body?

Information overload?

Conflicting diet plans?

Losing focus and motivation?


Hormones are tricky and often standing in the way of successful weight loss. But education is only a portion of what it takes to be successful reaching a healthy goal weight.


That's why this group program is set up to provide you with full support to make successful nutrition and lifestyle changes with me as your dietitian and coach + weekly sessions + online FHB modules + private community and support!


Stay focused, accountable, and motivated to continue working toward your healthiest body and mind!


Get all your questions answered by an expert you know and trust.

This group program is a good fit for you are willing to commit at least 3 months to making changes that will truly benefit your whole body and long-term success.

This program is for you if you truly want to learn about your body, nutrition, and hormones while having the accountability and guidance of a group program. It's time to love your body!

The FHB program requires a three month commitment. Please only apply if you are willing to be active in the group for at least three months.

This course is perfect for you, if...

  • Your weight won’t budge no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise.

  • ​You feel hormones are contributing to your symptoms but not sure where to start.

  • You're tired of a "quick fix" and want to truly learn about your body and food.

  • Your menstrual cycles are irregular and/or have heavy, painful periods.

  • You have been on birth control, or you are currently taking birth control.

  • You have been told by your doctor you "just need to lose the weight" for your other symptoms or diagnoses to be managed (PCOS, infertility, autoimmune condition, etc.)

This group values and promotes a positive relationship with your body and food. There will be no low caloric eating, excessive exercise, or other unhealthy habits discussed in the group.

This program is 100% virtual, making it easy and flexible with your schedule!

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