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Join us in this 8-week Complete Hormone Health Course!


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  • No longer endlessly search the internet for answers to your symptoms.
  • Take away the uncertainty and frustration surrounding your health.
  • Create a positive, comfortable relationship with your body and food. 


Gain a solid understanding of the role of your hormones in your body and how they affect everything from our metabolism to our mood. Throughout this course you will learn what common symptoms can be triggered by imbalances in your hormones, nutrition, and digestion. You also will learn natural methods to heal symptoms and support healthy hormone balance!


Complete Hormone Health Course - Opening March 12th!



  • Introduction to Hormones – Learn the major hormones involved in the menstrual cycle, metabolism, mood, stress, sleep, and more. Understand how these hormones are produced and interact with one another.

  • The Menstrual Cycle – Finally understand how your hormones are fluctuating constantly throughout your monthly menstrual cycle. Even if you are not ovulating or on birth control, you should still have an understanding of how your body is supposed to be producing hormones.

  • Birth Control – We’re all familiar with it and likely have been prescribed birth control presently or in the past. Gain a full understanding of what birth control is and how it interacts with the body’s natural production of hormones. Learn the different types and how do they differ in their effect on the body.

  • Hormone Imbalance, What exactly is it? – Understand what hormone imbalance is and how it can occur. Learn about the genetic, environmental, diet, and lifestyle exposures that can trigger low and high levels of hormones in the body. Learn strategies to overcome hormone imbalances through testing, nutrition, lifestyle, and therapeutics.

  • The Gut and Hormone Connection – Nothing is more closely tied to hormone production and balance than the gut. Hormones are affected by digestion and absorption of nutrients. Hormones are also affected by the gut microbiome, our bacteria in the colon. Learn how you can keep your hormones and gut healthy!

  • Relationship Between Stress and Hormones – Stress is involved in hormone production constantly throughout the day. Your natural cortisol levels fluctuate every day, so understanding how stress affects the other hormones in the body. Learn tips in managing stress and maintaining a healthy balance in the body, also known as homeostasis.

  • Common Conditions Linked with Hormone Imbalance – Understand how hormone imbalance increases risk of common inflammatory conditions including PCOS, Hypothyroid, Autoimmune, and Infertility. Learn what you can do to naturally manage and monitor these conditions.

  • Identifying Hormone Imbalance in Your Body – Now that you have a solid understanding of your hormones and how they interact with each other, learn the tools to help you identify potential hormone imbalances in the body. Learn holistic and therapeutic interventions you can do to help naturally balance hormones.

  • Creating Your Plan for Balanced Hormones – Guidance on what you can start doing now to monitor hormone balance and prevent imbalance in the future.


You are the expert of your body and you should feel confident and comfortable in your skin ever day! Take away the uncertainty and constant searching for answers by truly gaining an understanding and solution in supporting your hormone health.


Learn more about the course by visiting the Complete Hormone Health page.

Complete Hormone Health Online Course

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