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I love Thrive Market online and use them for many of my grocery items! They have great prices compared to the grocery store and deliver right to your door! Here's 40% off your first order

Order Your Own Labs

You shouldn't have to pay hundreds for labs. Ulta Labs allows for consumers to order their own labs at wholesale prices like a lipid panel or TSH thyroid for only $13. Learn more and order Ulta Labs here

Which supplements or diet is right for you? Do you need to focus on prevention of Alzheimer's or breast cancer?

It can be hard to know where to start and which advice is right for you. Genetic Lifehacks helps answer these questions. Learn More Here

I love OWYN protein because it has clean ingredients and tastes delicious! Not easy to accomplish when you're a plant protein shake, but I promise you'll love them! Here's a code for 10% off - OWYNHCP-428

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