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Balance Hormones & Lose Weight While Building a Positive Relationship with Your Body and Food!

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Sick of jumping around, trying every new diet you hear about, but not really ever knowing why or what will work for you and your body?

Information overload?

Conflicting diet plans?

Lose focus and motivation quickly?

This six month group program gives you everything you need to fully commit to your health, balance hormones naturally, and lose weight. 


Hormones are tricky and often standing in the way of successful weight loss. But education is only a portion of what it takes to be successful reaching a healthy goal weight. That's why this group program is set up to provide step by step food and lifestyle changes, group education, discussion sessions, and monthly 1:1 sessions with dietitian Liz.


Get the full support for successful hormone balance and long-term weight loss! Stay focused, accountable, and get all your questions answered by an expert you trust.

February 2021 Group is Filled!

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This group program is a good fit for you if you want to learn about your body, nutrition, and hormones while having the accountability and guidance of a group program. It's time to love your body!

The Hormone Hub Group Membership requires a six month commitment. Please only apply if you are willing to be active in the group for six months.

This course is perfect for you, if...

  • Your weight won’t budge no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise.

  • You have been told by your doctor you "just need to lose the weight" for your other symptoms or diagnoses to be managed (PCOS, thyroid , endometriosis, infertility)

  • ​You feel hormones are contributing to your symptoms but not sure where to start.

  • You're tired of a "quick fix" and want to truly learn about your body and food.

  • Your menstrual cycles are irregular and/or have heavy, painful periods.

  • You have been on birth control, or you are currently taking birth control.

This group values and promotes a positive relationship with your body and food. There will be no restrictive eating, excessive exercise, or other unhealthy habits discussed in the group.

How the Group​ Works

  • Week 1 - Live Nutrition Lesson Module, every month we’ll build upon knowledge and progress getting you one step closer to a healthier body, hormones, and weight. (but don’t worry, modules are available for replay if you can't attend the live session)

  • Week 2 or 3 - Scheduled monthly 1:1 call to provide you with individualized support. We meet monthly to review your progress, goals, and talk through any personal questions or challenges you’re experiencing.

  • Week 4 - Live Q&A Discussion Call. Get your questions answered and learn from other group members' questions.

  • Private Member's Facebook Group where you can find support and accountability from me and your fellow group members.

  • A monthly workbook with mini assignments to keep you on track, motivated, and excited about your body and food!

  • Weekly check-ins from me in our private Facebook group so you have continued accountability and support.

  • Pre- and Post-assessments you will complete at the beginning and end of the program to measure your success!

  • A community and friendships that will stick with you! This may be what I love most about this 6 month program. These are relationships that will stay with you!

This program is 100% virtual, making it easy and flexible with your schedule. The monthly group nutrition module and discussion session are available for replay so if you are not able to make it a month you can still watch on your own when you are ready.

The HH Group Coaching Program is $257/monthIn order to benefit everyone in the group I want to make sure all members value the program, are ready to fully commit to their health, and eager to learn!

The Hormone Hub Group Membership requires a six month commitment. Please only apply if you are willing to be active in the group for six months.


Nutrition Modules Every 2 Weeks


Lessons focused on hormone and gut health. Handouts and checklists to keep you on track. Listen and learn at your own pace!

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Live Q&As with Dietitian Liz


Monthly check-ins where we discuss progress, challenges, and goals. I'll answer your questions and share tips!

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Supportive Community


Strengthen your self love and care through our supportive community of women. Feel confident & comfortable!