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Food Sensitivity Testing
Testing shows what specific foods and chemicals are causing your immune cells to react, causing symptoms and inflammation in your body. 
It is not enough to just avoid high-reactive foods, to truly reset and heal your gut you should follow a personalized low-inflammatory diet based off of your test results for at least 6 weeks.
Eliminate those silent symptoms you've been dealing with for years, it's time to get your life back!​
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Who Should Test?

The results of the MRT test are helpful, but unlike food allergies, simply avoiding foods you are sensitive to is not enough to see a full recovery of your symptoms. This test is an investment, so you should be ready and motivated to change your diet and lifestyle in order to heal your body.

Some common symptoms that have been tied to food sensitivities, include: 

• Fatigue • Brain fog • Headaches • Bloating and Gas • Diarrhea • Constipation • Sinus Congestion •  Rashes, Dry or Itchy Skin

• Painful Joints • Nausea • Abdominal pain • Water retention • Unexplained Weight Gain or Weight Loss

This test can also be a great fit for healthy individuals. As I've mentioned before, toxins in our body are inevitable. Any time you lower inflammation, you allow your body to focus on building and detoxifying. 

I know from experience the frustration, anxiety, and pain that comes with chronic underlying inflammation. I work with you every step of the way to answer questions and help overcome obstacles.


Certified LEAP Therapist means the practitioner is trained in effective analysis of test results and creation of a personalized elimination diet based off test results.

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What is Included?

With this test package you will receive a lab kit in the mail for the MRT Test, a hard-copy of your test results (170 common foods and food chemicals) within 10-14 days of your blood draw. You will also receive a 50 page LEAP booklet with test information, frequently asked questions, in-depth information on reactive foods, additives and chemicals. And a laminated wallet-sized card listing your reactive foods for quick reference. 


Get the support and guidance to make the most of your results and your healing. Schedule a nutrition consult to review test results, identify any other potential barriers to healing, and create a detailed diet and regimen to support digestion, inflammation and the immune system. Please contact me to schedule an initial consult.

You can also email me directly at

Identify your food triggers, so you can get back to enjoying life to the fullest!

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