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Melissa M.

Liz is incredibly knowledgeable and has dug into my health to help me find the all-natural healing remedies my body needs. Knowing I have her support and knowledge on this journey made what seemed like an impossible journey possible.

Joanna T.

I can honestly say that Liz “saved me”. I was battling some pretty scary heath issues from September 2017 until October 2018 when I first met with Liz. After patiently hearing my long story, she put a plan in place and then used nutrition and supplements to heal my ailments. She was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend her to anyone. I haven’t felt this great in almost 2 years. She helped give me my life back and I am forever grateful to Liz at Venture Nutrition!

Cassie G.

I first sought the help of Liz after being diagnosed with a genetic mutation MTHFR. Her suggestions were clear , easy to follow and her explanations made perfect sense. Since implementing the changes I feel physically and mentally better, have lost weight and am learning to make these changes my new lifestyle rather than viewing it as a diet. Would definitely recommend Liz to anyone seeking nutritional support.

Ashlee M.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I heard about an individual’s success in controlling her symptoms with diet, specifically the LEAP Diet. While meeting with Liz, I was immediately intrigued by her knowledge and her ability to take these complicated connections between food, our gut, and the rest of our body, and explain them in such a way that makes perfect sense. As I began the diet, Liz was right there, walking me every step of the way.


She has made herself available to me when I have had questions or concerns, and has gone above and beyond what I expected of a dietitian. With Liz’s help and knowledge, my symptoms have gone from severe to mild and manageable. I would highly recommend Liz Riesen to anyone looking for an amiable, generous and thoroughly knowledgeable dietitian.

Cathy B.

Liz is very knowledgeable. I was having stomach issues, in the bathroom constantly and gaining weight. Since seeing Liz and her helping me with a food plan I have lost weight, no longer bloated and in the bathroom most of the day. I have more energy and sleep thru the night. I would definitely recommend Liz to family and friends.

Samantha A.

I first inquired with Liz when I was given multiple “diets” from various medical professionals, each focusing on their own specialty, however conflicting with one another about foods to focus on and foods to avoid. I had contacted several dietitians and they were either unable to accept my case, feel as though they couldn’t provide any additional insight to what I already knew, or were extremely expensive.


From my initial communication with Liz through my consultation and follow up, she has provided quality, informative, and easy to understand information. She helped me put together a cohesive plan that worked for my body and was sustainable, all things I inquired about when contacting her to become a client. I appreciate how accessible Liz is to fit your needs, schedule, and any questions that arise after your appointment. She offers in person and virtual appointments, as well as being available via email for questions. I also enjoy her product recommendations for some foods and ability to order supplements I was already taking in addition to any recommendations she made, all conveniently delivered to your door.


Overall, Liz has helped me with my symptoms and giving me tools to understand what works best for me. She has answered my specific questions and is easy to work with. I would highly recommend Liz to friends or family.

Paul H.

I felt so much relief after my virtual appointment with Liz. She walked me through a nutrition plan that was clear, simple, but very informed. After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I was confused and scared about eating anything. This has been the first real step towards reducing inflammation long-term and naturally, without medication.

Patti W.

I had been seeing a wellness Doctor for over a year. He did do some food testing and had recommended a dietary change for myself and it helped somewhat. But... he was super expensive and things were not getting better. I knew food / diet was related to issues I was having but who to help me? My medical doctor wasn't the answer, this wellness doctor wasn't the answer. I actually was surfing the web and found Liz. Boy, was I glad I did. She did more tests found out some really interesting issues I have, changed my diet and although I'm not 100% I have my energy back, I don't get sick like I use to, my joints don't hurt. She has helped me so much and I have referred several friends and family members ALL who got help from Liz. She is so intelligent, so articulate, so willing and eager to help and super gifted! I am beyond thrilled to be a client of hers!

Amy K.

I worked with Liz for 4 months and at age 55 I feel better than ever.  My doctor recommended her as I was frustrated with recent weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, bloating etc.  She addressed my symptoms and formulated a plan which included various dietary changes and supplements to replenish vital nutrients.  


Liz is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, patient and a pleasure to work with.  I could not be happier with my results and will continue to follow her strategies in the future.

Chris C.

After years of doctor visits with no relief, I decided it was time to try a dietitian.  There were many dietitians out there but I’m so glad I choose Liz!  She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide a diagnosis where other doctors over the years could not.  After tweaking my diet for a short period of time, I’m symptom free after 20+years of GI issues.  I feel like I have my life back! 

I recommend Liz to anyone who is looking for help or answers they are not getting from their doctors.

Michelle N.

I was close to giving up on finding a solution to my IBS issues when I came across Liz's website. I have seen several specialists and doctors over the past year and a half and no one was able to figure out what was causing the issues that were impacting my daily life.


When I went for an initial consultation with Liz I knew I was close to finally getting an answer. She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable--not only addressing symptoms and solutions, but explaining to me through anatomy what she thinks the cause of the symptoms are. She takes a complete mind/body approach and understands how everything is linked together.


After working with Liz for two months, I now feel amazing and empowered. Not only am I not dealing with constant stomach issues, but when I do I know what is causing them and how to fix them! She helped me with everything from food plans to plant-based supplements to what to buy at the grocery store, and she was extremely responsive and involved in the entire process.


I am thankful every day for the service she provided and even though it has been a few months since my last appointment, she continues to be a resource for me!" 

Anne S.

Following my MRT food sensitivity  blood  tests,  I needed a LEAP trained dietician to help me interpret and apply the results.  Liz Riesen provided  the guidance I needed to help heal my gut and rid myself of cramps, diarrhea,  and messy accidents.  Over a period of three months, using the MRT test results, I consulted with Liz.  Slowly but surely, I achieved my goals following her suggestions which foods to introduce until the next appointment. 


In addition, she provided me with some recipes.  Liz also made herself readily available by phone and email if I had any questions.  I am now at a point that I know how to reintroduce  foods that were identified as high or moderately high reactive, that is, causing problems, particularly when eaten together. 


Although my insurance does not cover the MRT test or consultations with Liz, I consider these dollars well spent since my quality of life has significantly  improved.  What better investment  can a person make?

Doug M.

I have lost a ton of weight and I never get sick any more.  While all my work colleagues are on their second or third round of colds/flu's, I'm still going strong.  I'm just shy of 45 years old and my old job left me with some arthritis injuries, I'd also like to mention that the arthritis has cleared up as well.  I feel much, much younger than I did eight weeks ago.

Liz took all the guess work out of everything, giving me strong direction with a diet and supplement plan that was created for me and my needs.

Tony K.

I came to Liz with a lot of gut issues and new random symptoms nearly every new day for months. I was to the point of not being able to focus on my work and definitely not able to live my life normally. I immediately started having better days and weeks from Liz's strategies. Over time, almost all the minor symptoms went away and about 6 months after eating very well all my symptoms went away.


I was able to get my life back and focus on my career. She always listened and most importantly was supporting me as a friend as much as my dietitian. If any problem ever comes back I know who to talk to. Liz is the best!

Lisa W.

Liz is a wonderful combination of warm and professional. She has a wealth of knowledge to share, and does it in a very respectful manner, being sensitive to her client’s unique needs.

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