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FMB Course & Subscription

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  • FMB Course (1 year)

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    Valid for 12 months
    • Self-paced Online Course (29 Video Modules)
    • Hormone Balance Meal & Recipe Planner
    • FMB Workbook
    • Join me in the FMB Private Community for weekly Q&As!
    • Practitioner-grade supplement recommendations
    • Resources including handouts, recipes, links, and tips
    • Access to comprehensive hormone testing & functional labs
  • FMB Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Support, Accountability, and Motivation to Optimize Results!
    • Weekly Q&A Sessions - Get your questions answered!
    • Positive & Motivating Community of Women
    • Access to additional handouts, recipes, and tips
    • Fun health challenges to maintain motivation!

Niki H

Liz is extremely knowledgeable and bases her recommendations in current research, while also acknowledging that every individual person has different needs. Her knowledge around hormones and stress are an essential factor in figuring out your dietary needs. Her approach is gentle and kind, while also being specific with recommendations. I would recommend Liz to anyone hoping to feel better and be held accountable.

Rose D

I was struggling with extreme fatigue, brain fog, painful bloating, severe acne and hair loss. Liz was committed to addressing each and every health concern of mine. I am happy to report that I feel amazing after working with Liz! You are incredibly knowledgeable regarding women's health and how hormones factor in. My energy has increased, brain fog has diminished, bloating has improved significantly, and I have not been having severe acne breakouts. It has been great working with you!

Elizabeth K

"In the medical field, I never feel heard and would always leave appointments feeling disappointment and very disheartened. My concerns about my health were always met with remarks that if I just lost weight all my symptoms would go away. There would be no listening to those concerns or testing to find a cause. You helped me find so many answers to so many questions. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
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