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Hi, I'm Liz!

Registered Dietitian

I created the FHB Program to teach women how food and lifestyle changes can heal symptoms, increase energy, and help lose weight WHILE also practical for their busy life. Be confident and comfortable in your body and around food!


Lauren H

Working with Liz on a weekly basis helped keep me accountable and on-track to healing. After 3 months my migraines have dramatically decreased to almost zero, I’m no longer bloated, and have more knowledge of my hormones/cycle to help support my body and reduce painful periods. Liz is easy to work with and I’d recommend her to anyone thinking about reaching out for help!

Niki H

Liz is extremely knowledgeable and bases her recommendations in current research, while also acknowledging that every individual person has different needs. Her knowledge around hormones and stress are an essential factor in figuring out your dietary needs. Her approach is gentle and kind, while also being specific with recommendations. I would recommend Liz to anyone hoping to feel better and be held accountable.

Carrie S

Liz was everything I needed to get my gut health back in order! She worked with me to help change my eating habits and focus on foods that will help my gut heal! Her recipes were always DELICIOUS. I also really appreciated her amazing positive attitude! Liz is the best and I couldn't recommend her more!