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What's Your Vision?

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Lane here wanted to make sure she was part of my vision for 2019 - well done.

Creating a vision board can be a great way to find yourself and your dreams. If you have never created a vision board before, it is simple! First you will need a few supplies:

- a poster board

- magazines, images, pictures

- glue stick or tape

- markers or pens

Before you begin, you want to think about what this vision board is for. Is it for your next year? Is it for your profession? What you want your life to be?

Once you know what your vision board is going to tell you. Keep that thought in the front of your mind. Start going through your magazines and images. Cut out any words or pictures that move you. Don't read sentences, just look at the words. For example: you may pick up the word "great" out of a title - cut out that word and move on. You can use full page images too for backgrounds around your board. Go crazy cutting out.

Once you have a good amount of words and images cut out you can begin arranging them on your board. Use a glue stick or tape to secure the images.

Next, take a step back and take in your work. How do you feel? Create your title from your work. It should be a title that will inspire you and keep you moving toward your goals. An example could be "Inspiring" - "Success" - "Believe" or you could use a sentence or quote that resonates with you.

You can write in any words or quotes you didn't find to cut out. Once you are finished keep this vision board in a place that you will look often.

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

In health and happiness - Liz



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