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Why Restrictive Diets Don't Work

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Break free from this endless (pointless) cycle of dieting.

stubborn weight gain

Have you been on a "diet" for as long as you can remember?

I worked for years in medically supervised weight loss programs. Expensive hospital programs with expensive equipment for measuring metabolism. We weight patients every week. We looked at food logs and tracked calories. Talked about exercise.

And success rates were minimal, and I mean tiny. Please read that again. It didn't work!

It broke my heart to see people come in and base their entire happiness on a number on the scale. No matter if they were proud of themselves for the week prior of eating and activity.

It didn't matter how well they cared for their body and mind in that week. They would throw that feeling out the window dependent on the number on the scale. That is what they measured their worth and their success through.

I couldn't continue to work in this environment. It broke my heart.

That's why I opened my own practice. That's why I created my Foundations of Hormone Balance method. To help women embrace and change their bodies in a positive, healing manner.

I help women restore their health, learn how to utilize food, and listen to their body so they can feel confident in their skin.

How to break free from the scale and embrace a new approach to health and happiness

What does that number on the scale mean to you? Now imagine it changing. Make it go down in your mind, how do you feel? Now make it go up in your mind, how do you feel?

This practice can help you identify how strongly you allow a number to affect your emotions and self-worth. Where do you think this internal belief and self-worth came from?

Now repeat this mantra after me...

"I measure my success and happiness by my weight, no one else does."

Repeat it again. And again out loud.

The number on the scale doesn't mean a thing to anyone else. This is true even if you lost weight. You are the same person to those around you at the weight you are now, and the weight you want to be.

Those around you don't measure YOU by your weight. Yes, I'm sure they'd be happy FOR you if you lost weight - but that is because YOU would be happy.

Keep this reminder near you because it takes effort and time to truly change your beliefs.

Unfortunately I can't change someone's belief and measurement about themselves. I wish I could because it would instantly make someone happier, free, and give them a new perspective on caring for their body - which is my goal for every woman I work with!

If you want to break free from unhealthy beliefs and feeling tied to a scale and weight loss diets, it takes a true a willingness from YOU, the individual, to change.

Ready to Change?

If you're willing and ready to...

  1. Truly open up your mind and change your beliefs

  2. Embrace learning about your body

  3. Be open to a new approach to food

  4. Love and respect your body and food

Then you're the right fit for me and my Foundations of Hormone Balance Method.

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Liz Riesen, Registered Dietitian

works specifically with women's hormones, inflammation, and gut health. Often these conditions coexist and share common disruptive symptoms including fatigue, bloating, weight gain, anxiety, irregular cycles, and other inflammatory symptoms.

Liz is trained in identifying and healing food sensitivities, as well as balancing hormones naturally through nutrition and lifestyle. Follow me @moms.hormone.dietitian


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