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Liz Riesen, RD

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Registered Dietitian & Owner of Venture Nutrition

Functional Nutrition focused on Women's Health, Inflammation, Nutrient Deficiency, Hormone Imbalance, PCOS, Metabolism, Anxiety, Immune System and Detoxification.

I struggled for years with "invisible" conditions. Years of migraines, stomach bloating, intestinal pain led me to a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome. Countless doctors appointments, medications and side effects led me nowhere. Through my educational studies and functional nutrition I healed my body and now my mission is to help others do the same.

My favorite part of about working in functional nutrition is the complexity of cases. Every client that comes to me is unique in their experiences, personality, diet and lifestyle. I enjoy the puzzle and putting the pieces together!

There is an endless connection between the gut-brain-microbiome-environment-lifestyle-diet-and YOU. All symptoms and diseases have a connection to our ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

I'd love to talk with you and hear your story. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions, schedule a free 30-minute phone call, or if you're ready to get started with an initial consult! Get in touch

In health and happiness - Liz



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