You are here and that means you are looking for help. Most of my clients have been to multiple doctors, have had countless tests run, and often tried a variety of medications and supplements to no avail. While I am the expert in health and nutrition, YOU are the expert of your body. Together we will create an effective nutrition plan that you feel comfortable with!


The Initial Consultation is 90 minutes and provides enough time for you to share your story; including past history, current symptoms, diet, lifestyle, and goals. We will create the initial nutrition plan and interventions that focus on healing and body naturally through food, nutrition supplementation, and lifestyle. 

Ease of Virtual Appointments! Schedule a virtual consult in the morning with coffee - on your lunch break - or in the evening from the comfort of your own home. Whatever your day looks like, virtual consults are easy to fit into any schedule without compromising the personal face-to-face connection.

Follow-up Consultations provide support, accountability, and allows us time to assess your progress and create new recommendations moving forward.  I typically work with clients for a minimum of three months. Healing takes time. Forming new habits takes time. You will be most successful if you commit to the entire healing process. 

One-on-One Coaching


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